Grizzly Super Treats-Crunchy Cat Treats, 3oz/85g

Grizzly Super Treats-Crunchy Cat Treats, 3oz/85g

  • $8.69

Oven baked, all natural, Grain-free cat treats, with Omega-3s to Support Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat


  • Made from wild Alaskan salmon to provide essential health and immune system support.
  • Contains more than 5% Omega-3s, an excellent alternative to Salmon Oil.
  • Omegas help support a healthy skin & a lustrous coat.
  • Crunchy texture helps support clean teeth.


Salmon meal, salmon, smoked salmon, salmon oil, porcine gelatin, kelp, tocopherols
Grizzly Super Treats for Cats contain more than 5% Omega-3s - an excellent alternative to Grizzly Salmon Oil. 300+ treats in every container are packed with bits of ground, smoked wild salmon for a flavor that cats crave.In addition to NO grains, Grizzly’s Crunchy Training Treats contain NO fillers, glycols, salts or sugars


Feed as a treat. Intended for supplemental feeding only. Provide your cat with fresh drinking water regularly.