OregaPet Toothpaste, for Dogs, 60ml

OregaPet Toothpaste, for Dogs, 60ml

  • $13.59

Ad breath, yellow tartar, inflamed or bleeding gums, gagging, slow eating, missing or damaged teeth, excessive drool, eating with their head tilted; these are all signs your beloved dogs might have dental issues. OregaPet wants to help stop these issues before they start. OregaPet's Toothpaste contains oregano oil, peppermint oil, sodium bicarbonate, sweetened with Stevia & Fluoride free. Keep your dog teeth healthy with oral hygiene support from OregaPet.

Kills resistant strains of plaque-causing bacteria
Prevents and treats gum infections and tooth decay
Helps prevent dental related diseases
Oil of Oregano is scientifically proven to be an effective
treatment against a variety of disease-causing organisms. A powerful
antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Oil of Oregano is a non-toxic and
healthy dietary supplement that can help support your dog's defense
systems, both inside and out.

Olive oil, fumed silica, oregano oil, polysorbate 80, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint oil, stevia powder, chlorella powder

Brush or just quickly wipe it onto their teeth, and still get the antibacterial benefits.
*Note: Oregano oil is not safe for cats, and this product is not human-grade, so please reserve Oregapet products for your canine companions!