About Us

At MPet Holistic we deliver wellness to your pets, because we truly believe that you should never underestimate the power of nature.

We are a family owned business with all members who have spent lives with their own pets, but professionally worked either in pet clinics or in the pet food industry. Our experience, knowledge and customer service are what sets us apart at MPet Holistic.

MPet Holistic is owned and operated by DVM who deeply believed after graduating from Veterinary Medical School that only medicines can heal the body. After time spent in veterinary clinics and different animal environments, we all learnt that conventional and holistic pet health care must work together.

The holistic therapies are most effective when used alongside conventional veterinary medicine. Natural food and complementary supportive treatment may help to alleviate side effects of medical treatments and symptoms of diseases, and also can contribute to your pets comfort and happiness.

MPet Holistic’s mission is simple and clear: to help your pet’s live longer and healthier lives through the best selection of our health products; customer service and knowledge.

We offer the best selection of:

-organic and natural pet food

-high quality natural vitamins and supplements

-healthy lifestyle products

-educational support

-excellent customer service

-fast and easy ordering and delivery

With the largest assortment of organic brands of food, vitamins, healthy products, we make it very easy to choose the best solution and deliver right to your home door.

We love to listen to your feedback, to share your experience about products and to add your favorite brand to our assortment.