Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil Cat Supplement 118ml/4.0fl oz

Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil Cat Supplement 118ml/4.0fl oz

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Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil Cat Supplement is the essence of quality. This sustainably made salmon oil is regulated by the Alaskan government, to ensure the best practices are used in securing raw materials. This guarantees the health of the salmon population in their pristine Northern waters. This ensures protection from over fishing, habitat damage, and pollution. As a result, they can produce some of the purest, best quality salmon oil in the world.

Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil Cat Supplements are made in Northern Alaska, thousands of miles away from large sources of pollution. This ensures that every bottle is free from contamination by pesticides, petroleum derivatives, metals, bacteria, and more. Salmon oil promotes excellent skin and coat health, digestive health, hairball management, and overall wellbeing. It has the perfect ratio of DHA and EPA and provides your cat with highly absorbable omega fatty acids. It’s made from wild caught, never farmed fish. Plus, it’s processed at low heat, to retain the natural nutrients and vitamins. Available in a 4 oz bottle.


  • Exceptionally clean and pure
  • Free from pesticides, microplastics, metals, and other pollution
  • A premium source of EPA and DHA
  • Promotes optimal health and wellbeing
  • Supports brain, skin and coat, digestion, hairball control, and more
  • Easy to serve, simply sprinkle on your cat’s food


Wild Alaska Salmon Oil, Mixed Tocopherols.


For maintenance purposes, give pet 1 teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight daily. Add oil to food, or feed directly as a treat. For best results use on a long-term basis; studies have shown that fatty acid levels reach a steady state within about 1 month of starting supplementation.