Animora Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml

Animora Cranberry Dental Gel 90ml

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The Cranberry Dental Gel improves oral health in dogs and cats. It prevents bad breath and plaque buildup


The texture of Animora dental gel is sticky on the teeth and gums. This makes it possible to increase the contact time between the product and the oral walls and optimize benefits. Using the toothbrush allows deep brushing while being gentle on your pet’s gums. The taste is pleasant so that your pet can make a good association with the dental gel and help you clean your pet’s teeth. Natural, Hypoallergenic, Formulated by professionals.


Active Ingredient: Cranberry Extract (30 mg / ml). Other: Water, vegetable glycerin, cellulose gum, yeast extract, and potassium sorbate.


3 different ways depending on the preference of the owner and the pet.

1. With a toothbrush: If the animal is familiar with toothbrushing, the gel can be used as a toothpaste. This is the most efficient method, due to the mechanical action of brushing.

2. Directly with your fingers: It is possible to apply the recommended amount of gel directly on the teeth and gums of the animal if it is manipulated by raising the lips. Always make sure that there is no pain in the animal’s mouth to avoid a risk of biting.

3. Add to food: If your pet is not used to being handled near the mouth or is not at all cooperative, the dental gel can be added to the food, on treats or on dental bones, for example.

Apply on teeth and gums.

Cats and dogs less than 10 kg: 2.5 ml daily.
Dogs between 10 and 25 kg: 5 ml daily.
Dogs over 25 kg: 7.5 ml daily.

The quantities suggested are for information purposes only. Optimal quantities may vary depending on administration methods. For best results, the dental gel must cover all teeth and gums of the pet.