Benny Bully's Liver Chops Cat Treat 30g/1.1oz

Benny Bully's Liver Chops Cat Treat 30g/1.1oz

  • $4.99

Cat owners have discovered Benny Bullys Liver Chops Cat Treats are a nutritious pure and natural alternative to traditional cat treats. These treats are the result of an innovative cutting and drying process developed as an alternative to conventional food preservatives, making Benny Bullys one of the few "no chemicals added" treats on the market today. Made from pure beef livers, each specially-sized piece is small enough to provide easy feeding and maximum palatability to the hardest to please cats. Benny Bully is hand-selected from government inspected meat sections for the health-conscious cat owner.


  • A high quality, all-natural treat
  • Perfectly sized for cats
  • Made using a unique drying process, to avoid preservatives
  • Cats can’t resist the meaty taste of these treats


Beef Liver


Break and feed pieces as a treat, reward, training, or snack.