NaturPet Be Calm Pet Supplement, 100-ml bottle

NaturPet Be Calm Pet Supplement, 100-ml bottle

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NaturPet Be Calm for Cats and Dogs is an all-natural, herbal remedy for anxious or stressed pets. Formally Home Alone, Be Calm reduces anxiety, stress, muscle tension, heart palpitations and lowers blood pressure due to stress. This formula is great for things like daycare, kennels, appointments, traveling, separation anxiety and digestive upset due to stress.


  • Natural supplement that helps your furry friend feel relaxed during stressful situations.
  • Contains ashwagandha, valerian root, horsetail, black cohosh, lemon balm and passionflower.
  • Works to reduce anxiety, stress, muscle tension and heart palpitations in your paw-tner.
  • Aids in travel anxiety and digestive issues that can occur due to stress or shock.
  • Safe for long-term use on high-strung breeds.


Valerian Root, Horsetail Grass, Black Cohosh Root, Hops Stobile, Lobelia Aerial Parts, Skullcap Aerial Parts, Wood Betony Aerial Parts, Mistletoe Branches, Pulsatilla Root, Motherwort Aerial Parts


Mix in with food or give directly to pet, twice daily.

Weight Feeding (ml)
1-25 lbs 1
26-50 lbs 2
51-75 lbs 3
76+ lbs 4