BONNIE & CLYDE-Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement For Dogs And Cats With Natural Vitamin E (8 oz)

BONNIE & CLYDE-Wild Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement For Dogs And Cats With Natural Vitamin E (8 oz)

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Omega-3 fatty acids have been extensively researched and can help support skin, coat, joint, and heart health in cats and dogs. Studies have shown that fatty acids are vital for maintaining normal skin structure and function, and high doses can help support your pet's coat by helping pruritus (itching) and alopecia (bald spots). Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation has also been shown to help support heart health and longevity. Puppies fed diets containing DHA may benefit from improved memory or learning.


Virtually odorless oil crafted in Iceland from sustainably caught, wild ocean fish. Packed with natural source vitamin E from non-GMO Argentinian sunflowers, a powerful and biologically active antioxidant. Free from soy, wheat, corn, artificial flavors and preservatives. Higher in EPA and DHA than salmon, Pollock, krill, and cod liver oil, so your pet consumes less calories. Studies have shown that dogs need more vitamin E when consuming more dietary fats. That's why we've added natural vitamin E, in “d-alpha tocopherol” form. This acts a powerful antioxidant in the oil and in your dog's body. A large portion of vitamin E that's available is derived from soy. The vitamin E we use is from non-GMO sunflowers, so that dogs with soy allergies can still use our product.
We don't put any ALA - alpha linolenic acid from plant oils like flax seed or hemp seed - in our blend. This is because it needs to be converted to EPA and DHA in your dog’s body, which reduces the efficiency of the product.
Bonnie and Clyde's Omega-3 oil is in TG (triglyceride) form which is more easily absorbed by your dog than EE (ethyl ester) oils. We make sure that your dog can get the maximum benefit from our product.


1 pump (0.5ml) per 2.2kg (5lbs) of body weight, once daily onto food.
Start slow: 1 pump (0.5ml) per 4.5kg (10lbs) for 10days then give the normal dose.