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For many of us, our beloved pets are considered as an important member of our family and play significant roles in enriching our lives.

In addition to conventional veterinary treatment and healthcare, with our pet’s best interests in mind, natural remedies and a holistic approach are complementary options to provide our pets with longer and healthier lives.

These days, we continue to witness an increase in the rate of chronic health conditions and diseases, which, in lots of cases, do not respond to conventional treatment methods.

Sometimes, health problems such as allergies, chronic skin issues, obesities, chronic infections, fertility issues, autoimmune diseases, digestive and immune dysfunctions, cancers – have a direct relation to different lifestyle factors including chemical overload and environmental toxins, inappropriate diet or just lack of exercise or spending time in the stressful environment.

A holistic approach considers physical as well as emotional factors, and also environmental aspects, and refers to the treatment of the “WHOLE” organism, rather than to treat individual part of the body.

A natural diet reduces the intake of unnecessary chemicals, preservatives, and additives: (propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, FD&CBlue 2, artificial or natural sweeteners, salt…). Well balanced diet increases the intake of quality nutrients, an appropriate amount of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids (from proteins), and essential fatty acids (from facts). So, use fresh vs. processed, use certified protein and healthy fats vs. ingredients classified ‘UNFIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”.

Quality natural food can reduce the factors that cause a variety of health problems, like allergies and chronic diseases mentioned above.

A Healthy approach and holistic treatment of existing conditions, based on using natural products, help in faster healing, due to better and faster absorption of natural ingredients.

A holistic approach considers emotional factors as well as environmental aspects and promotes lowering potential stressful situations, preventing loneliness.

Our pets are exposed to countless toxins in everyday life by using chemicals, medicals etc. Use of natural products: shampoos, flea and tick preventives, parasitic control and prevention, cat litter, clean-up products, reduce human, especially kids exposure to the toxin.

Consumption of eco-friendly pet care products promotes natural products breakdown, better absorption into an environment which helps preserve the planet.



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